Attention Headphone Users:
Some game sounds may be rather loud. To protect your hearing, please consider lowering the volume before playing.

Tony Abbott. He's the prime minister that successfully dethroned the Rudd/Gillard government. You'd think Australia would be a better country with him at the reigns, no?

Sadly, if you thought so, you're wrong. Over the last few years, he's made dumb moves, silly comments and loves to stir up Australian Politics. Now you can give him a piece of your mind and take out your revenge on him!

Each whack of his head earns you a point. You've got 60 seconds to whack as many Abbott heads as you can. Have you got what it takes to beat our best score of 110 whacks?

IMPORTANT NOTE: This game is a joke, and only for amusement purposes. It does not intend to defame the Prime Minister of Australia in any way.